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About Alcorn Aire, Inc. of Bakersfield

Alcorn Aire, Incorporated is a family owned and operated company providing Bakersfield, California Heating and Air Conditioning Sales, Service, and Support for business and residential buildings. Our company was founded by Harry Alcorn and it has been serving Central California Since 1988.

Prior to 1988 our founder was working in the heating and air conditioning industry for several years. Now with over 28 years experience in this industry Mr. Alcorn has a company based on integrity, skilled employees and solid principles. This has helped maintain our reputation of one of the finest providers of HVAC service in Bakersfield. Our core operating principles are as follows:

Fair Pricing

We have a long term approach to customer care and service. These relationships are important and we want to be fair in every transaction with our customers.

Time Sensitive

After more than 25 years of experience in this industry we know that being responsive and getting the job done fast are important elements. Our team has the reputation of being very skilled at what they do as well as being pleasant and on time for our customers.


Whether it is in the selection of the best piece of equipment for the job, the customer service provided, the installation process or the repair of an existing unit, we will strive to exceed the expectations of our customers in the performance of our work. We pride ourselves on employing a team of technicians so capable, that every one of them has the skills and experience to handle any call we receive. We stand behind the quality of service our skilled technicians provide, and we know you will be satisfied with our service.


Everything we do from the office to the job site must be done with the highest safety standards. The people and property we serve are worth every effort we make in this pursuit.

If you are looking for an HVAC service company in Bakersfield for your commercial or residential needs, please call us first!